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EMB 135/145 (RR Corp AE3007A)

Theoretical – EMB 135/145 (RR Corp AE3007A)


Course Outline – B1B2 Combined

This course is in compliance with EASA Part-66, Appendix III « Type Training and Examination Standard ». The participant will aquire knowledge necessary to perform and certify maintenance tasks permitted to be carried out as certifying staff category B1.1 or B2. The EMB 135/145 type course (theoretical elements) provides detailed systems description, systems operation, malfunctions, component location, removal/installation, bite and troubleshooting procedures.




Level 1 (General Familiarization)
• A brief overview of the airplane, systems and power plants as outlined in the systems

• Description section of the Aircrafft Maintenance Manual.
Level 2 (Ramp and Transit)
Basic System overview of controls, indicators, principal components including their location and purpose, servicing and minor trouble shooting.
Level 3 (Line and Base Maintenance)
In addition to the information contained in level 1 and level 2 training, upon completion of the level 3 training, the participant will be able to:

• Describe how to perform system, component and functional checks as specified in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual.
• Correlate information for the purpose of making decisions in respect of fault diagnosis and rectification.
• Describe procedures for replacement of components.

Target group

EASA Part-66 category B1.1 or B2 or other maintenance staff.


Prerequisites – Requirements

EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence category B1.1 or B2 or equivalent.



RR Corp AE3007A

Practical – EMB 135/145 (RR Corp AE 3007A)


Course Outline – B1B2 Combined

This course corresponds to the EMB 135/145 (RR Corp AE3007A) practical course and enables participants to gain competence in practical Line and Base Maintenance, using a structured learning process. The training will be conducted on the aircraft, in maintenance facilities and in the classroom. We accept a group up to 15 trainees.


Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

• Apply the relevant safety precautions
• Identify and apply aircraft technical documentation
• Name, identify and locate aircraft system components
• Perform normal operation of aircraft systems
• Perform the servicing and ground handling
• Perform system operational tests and on-board maintenance system supported tests
• Carry out routine thorough visual inspections
• Describe component removal / installation procedures unique to the aircraft type
• Determine aircraft airworthiness in accordance with MEL/CDL, and explain maintenance procedures according to the minimum equipment list (MEL)
• Correlate information for the purpose of making decisions in respect to fault diagnosis and rectification
• Practical training will be documented in the Training Program – Practical (TPP) Handbook.

500 tasks are listed, more than 50% of the tasks must be performed.

Target group

EASA Part-66 category B1.1 or B2 or other maintenance staff


EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence category B1.1 or B2 having successfully completed the EMB 135/145 theoretical course, B1B2 Combined.


RR Corp AE3007A

Engine Ground Run – Embraer EMB 135/145 (RR Corp AE3007A)

Theoretical and Practical Phases



Theoretical : 1 day

Practical : 4 hours simulator session for 3 trainees.


Description – Theoretical

Engine limitations


Crew coordination

Normal/Abnormal procedures


Description – Practical

In simulator : in Paris (FRANCE) or in Johannesburg (SOUTH AFRICA).

Aircraft preparation

Normal engine start

Engine start failures

Engine motoring

Power assurance check

Engine fire

Electrical smock

Engine stall

Engine flame out



Have attended the EMB 135/145 (RR Corp AE3007A) type course.


General Familiarisation or Category C (T4) Training- Embraer 135/145 (RR Corp 3007A)


5 days / 30 hours


Level 1

The purpose of the General Familiarization training is to have
• Introduce the aircraft generalities to any aviation profile in the company
• Explain the aircraft systems and functions in a basic way focused on maintenance
• Encourage customer expectation in this aircraft operation


Read and understand technical English.

Examination Phase

Performed closed book, multiple-choice questionnaire. Pass mark per phase is 75%.


Starting system by system, Aero Ground Training S.A.S will show how to identify the default components and its basic function based on the maintenance manual and the instructor experience in the aircraft. This training will help to the customer how to adjust the operation and maintenance of this aircraft in accordance with their resources and company needs. The course is performed following All ATA chapters.

Borescope Inspection – Embraer EMB 135/145 (RR AE3007A)



Theory : 4 hours

Practical : 2 hours per person, on the engine (RR Corp AE3007A)


Borescope inspection course is designed to allow the student to understand the purpose of the critical parts of the engine and to identify the allowable damages at each particular areas of the engine.


– B1.1 Licenced Maintenance Engineers, Maintenance Inspectors
– Personnel carrying out maintenance tasks on aircraft or components – The trainees must be able to read, write and listen English language.
– Applicable Engine must be available for practical session and a 4-6mm Diameter flexible borescope

Training Dates

The dates are adjusted from the custumer requests. The course can be performed at the costumer facilities.


No exam is required. AGT certificate of achievement will be delivered.

Recurrent – Embraer 145 (RR AE3007A)


5 days
Theoretical : 30 hours
Practical : 2 hours


The purpose of the recurrent training is to have
• A review of the normal operation about the systems,
• Remind them what is the way to monitor the correct operation of the systems
• Clear in the mind the trouble shooting procedure of the most critical components.

Access to EMM RR and APU Hamilton Sundstrand for the trainees is required.


Have attended an EMB 135/145 type course.

Trouble shooting

With one snag reported by the pilot, the instructor will show how to identify the default component, by comparing the procedure described in the Fault Insolation Manual and the experience of the aircraft. The list of the trouble shooting elements is function of the experience of the engineers in the class. The trouble shooting is performed for the following ATA chapters: 21, 22, 24, 27, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 45, 49, 72, 73, 78, 80.



Aero Ground Training S.A.S, wants to focus on the assistance of the trouble shooting, one of the most customers weak is the use of FIM for basic trouble shooting only. With our experienced instructors, the recurrent will make your team better to fix faster and surely the technical snags.


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